7+ Billion Conscious

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The population of this planet is 7+ Billion. 7.753 is to be exact according to the most recent data. And that’s just the number of humans I'm not even getting into animals.

7+ billion mean 7+ conscious roaming the earth. Each one completely different from the other.

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Each individual conscious observing the same scenario in a completely different manner. One could be noticing the sounds, one could notice the colors and one could be just worried about his/herself, one can’t wait to do something and one can’t wait to stop doing everything. And countless possibilities just like that.

You can never tell if the person sitting next to you is seeing the same thing or tasting the same food. Let’s assume for a minute that they do since we all have general knowledge and understanding, but the question is are they? For all, we know the shades of color they are seeing could be different, or the taste they are tasting might be of different levels (like for some people something is too spicey and some for less).

At this moment I’m sitting right here looking at my screen feeling warm due to the heater next to me but you the reader reading this could be in any surrounding. And the moment you are reading this who knows what the hell I will be doing at that moment.

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The point is that this is just so mesmerizing and awesome and cool and whatnot. Right? For all I know, my roommate sitting next to me could be thinking about the assignment we have for next week, food, or maybe imaging bunnies swimming like ducks.

Isn’t all that just MIND-BLOWING?

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One point to extract from is that ‘never judge a book by its cover’. You have no idea why a person is, the way he is. What goes on in his/her mind. What motivates and demotivates him/her.

(I swear this point just raised on its. I was only planning on writing about billions of consciousness).

Okay, just that. Moving from one topic to another. Passing that bridge connecting the two was an awesome play of consciousness.

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I don’t know if you find this whole concept MESMERIZING as I do. But. In your free time take a minute, just 60 seconds, and think about it.

Can you do that? I hope you do.

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Would love to know what you think of it…



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Rabbia Ahmed

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