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Rabbia T. Ahmed
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*Disclaimer: The majority of sources mentioned are free.*

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Passive income, am I right? Don’t we all dream to earn as much as possible with minimum output. Let’s get the guilt (if there is any) out of the way. We all desire money. For one thing or another. And there is nothing wrong with that. But we also desire money without actively working don’t see anything wrong with that either. And isn’t that what passive income is for?

If you are new to passive income, then let me put it simply. It’s having a stream(s) of income in which you put your time, effort, and capital to live off long term without working. The easiest example I can give is you create a YouTube video if people are watching it you are making money off of it. Simple right?

Well, it is, and it isn’t. Like anything, it needs your constant time and attention for a certain period but then you can leave it be let it do its thing. Which is to get you passive cash and It is what I called getting maximum output from minimum input. But again, reaching that point needs investment. Investment of your time, effort, hard work, and yes, could be some money.

There are multiple ways for one to earn passive income and there isn’t anything in the world that can stop you if you really want it. Do You want money with minimum effort? Good. Set that goal straight because I have some interesting ways to do that with minimum money investment.


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That’s right. How many random pictures do you take in a day? Sky, flower, food, and whatnot. Why not earn some cash off it on the side. Adjust your camera settings, fix the light, and take a good-quality picture. Add some filters and enhancements and bam you are ready to set off your first passive income stream.

Create an account on stock image sites like

Getty Images



Upload your photography. Set a price and you are good to go.


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In my opinion, one of the best ways to earn passive cash. It does require a lot of time and effort but it’s so worth it in the end. Yes, you would need some skills for that. You will need to learn. You will require to give it a good time. But it will be worth it.

So, what do we do in the Print-on-demand business? We create a shop and design products. The POD Companies take care of everything. The manufacturing, the shipping, and payments. Some of them even the marketing. And we enjoy our artist margin. Yes, you will need to learn graphic designing for it, but you can always hire people if you have the money.

The steps are simple. Create your free stores on sites like





Setup your store. Upload the design on every product you like. They have t-shirts, pants, hoodies, mugs, phone cases, pillowcases, and whatnot. Adjust them using their drag and drop tool. Set your price and let them sell.

Tip: To increase your sales you can bring your own traffic to your store by sharing your products on your social media.

Amazon KDP

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Anything you do with Amazon is a win all around. The world’s largest online marketplace with Billions of visitors every day filling their carts with random things, if you can sell your product there You better do that. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a free platform for Publishing Books and more.

You can sell

• Books

• Journals

• Notebooks

• Coloring Books

• Puzzle Books

• Game Books etc.

If you are already doing Print-on-demand or graphic designing, it’s a cherry on top. If not it’s still one of the best ways to kick start a passive income. You can use free tools like Canva to design the covers of your books and just sell simple notebooks or you can download Free Amazon tools to create other types of low-content books mentioned above. If I must recommend one of the streams to invest yourself in that would hands down be Amazon KDP? Yes.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

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The gist of affiliate marketing is simple. You take a product, market it and get a commission off each purchase. But that does require a social presence to get the product to people. The Conventional way is to write posts about it. But if you are not no problem. Pinterest has you coved. Pinterest has more than 500 million traffic rates with the majority of them being women with constantly scrolling through pins. That is your audience. Now you need to find the product and just create a cute pin on it and upload it on Pinterest using your affiliate link. Don’t know how to create pins? No problem I got you covered. Got to

• Create an account

• Create a pin using their free templates by drag and drop.

• Download the pin and upload it on Pinterest with your referral or ‘affiliate link’

You can get affiliate products easily by creating an account on

Amazon Associate program


CJ Affiliate

YouTube and TikTok

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We know it is a game of luck. Sometimes one video could bring you a million and sometimes a hundred just a little. But when the blub click let it work. If you think your idea is good, then take the risk. Make a video and upload it on YouTube or Tiktok. Who knows how much income that would bring in years? Maybe zero. Or maybe Millions. The odds, I know.

Create and sell online course

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It does sound like a lot of work but it’s one-time work. You can create a course on any of the topics you think you are good at and sell in it on multiple sites like

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Nothing in the world is free. If you desire financial independence you must work for it. Sooner or later. So why not sooner and why not in Passive Streams that could bring you Financial Freedom in long term. You could be retired at 30 and live your life of passive sources if you put your time and effort now.

It will take time. It will take effort but When it’s out there (your product) it’s out there and you have no idea when and how much you will be benefiting from it. I know I like that odds. Do you?



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