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Rabbia T. Ahmed
3 min readDec 12, 2021


I’ll be honest I started listening to the podcast just for a certain free goodie, but in the end, it turned out to be a free chest of goodies in itself. One full of valuable lessons and needed reminders. Mindful and Driven | Lean into Self-Consciousness podcast starring one of my favorite people these days by Amardeep Parmar.

Jon Brosio (the guest) told us a little about his journey from working as sever in a hotel to being the owner of tribeloyal. If you want valuable stuff that actually and literally provides value, he is your guy. Trust me (or not, your call) when I say this, I’m subscribed to tons of email lists and mostly form content and copywriters he is the one person whose email always ends up giving me a jolt of motivation to achieve my goals. In the simplest words, he gives you ‘realistic motivation’ not the usual motivational quotes kind of mush we see all over social media. (exhibit A)

exhibit A
Photo by Fab Lentz on Unsplash

In the podcast, Jon talks about his entrepreneurial journey. How he was in an unhappy place in his life, and it was not fulfilling. At the age of 25, he started writing online and made his journaling public which eventually lead him to the path he is on today. (I’ll spare you the details, you check them out on the podcast yourself).

One of the relatable things that Jon mentioned is that ‘’when it comes to your work there is always going to doubt but if you have the courage to finish and provide the result it’s going to work out.’’ (Maybe not the literal quote on quote, but you get it). The 2 other valuable lessons + reminders which I really needed

Be in control of your finance” and “work for the kind of life you wish to have” Jon phrased while talking about being able to have quality time to spend with his family and play catch with his future son.

Jon also talked about how the entrepreneurial world keeps moving forward and along with all the creative work, one is also the bottleneck for management and administration. He goes on with how building a business is like raising your child. Being okay with the productivity level of your employees. And trusting others to look after your child (business). Also, and most importantly creating to cater to others’ needs.

The guys talked about the power of consistency and as somebody who has personally experienced the magic of consistently doing a task for 30 days and forgot its incredible results, I really needed that reminder. Leading to a worth mentioning point (for the lazy and unmotivated people like me) from the host Amardeep “At the starting point of your journey, just show up.”

Guys let’s try to understand our goal in life. What kind of life do we want to live and figure out what we need to do to achieve that life? Universe wants you to win, lean into your self-consciousness and let it help you. (cringy ending? Yeah but also needed ending, don’t you think?)



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