No Sugar Challenge — Day 04

Day 04

Today I woke up at 7, uploaded my yesterday’s progress, and in the next 10 minutes I have no freaking idea what happened but I go soo depressed that I completely lost myself. I lost my appetite, I was all soaked in the purple aura and I didn’t feel like talking to anyone. So I spend my 5 hours in bed. Literally just lying and doing nothing not even scrolling my phone.

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

Finally, at 1 pm I pulled myself together. My mom was eating an apple so I took a slice from her and went about doing some chores.

By 3 pm I was in an okay mood, good enough for people to bear me. For lunch, I had chicken pulao (it’s a traditional Pakistani chicken rice dish, very yummy). One of my all-time favorites. (Maybe that played a role in improving my mood 🤔).

Chicken Pulao

Around 6 I fall into depression again. But this time I pushed myself, took a shower, and prayed. Alhamdulillah now I’m feeling A LOT better.

For dinner just now (at 11:30 pm 😅)I had ramen with lots of cabbage and sausages (Ramen is an exception to this challenge).

Ramen with cabbage and sausages

there there *pats myself on the head*

no matter how it went but Day 04 is also accomplished.



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Rabbia Ahmed

Rabbia Ahmed

I’m a Freelance Content Writer and MPhil Student. I write on food, health, philosophy (more like my philosophy), and my random thoughts and interests.