No Sugar Challenge — Day 05

I did do much today, didn’t eat much today so don’t have much to write about today. Hmmmm let's see…….

Photo by Ana Municio on Unsplash

Okay, let’s start from the beginning. I woke up at 10 with mail from my teacher that class is at 11 pm and I’m supposed to give my presentation in that class (which I didn’t prepare even after 1 month of her telling me).

So I decided not to take the class. Turns out it was presentation day for the whole class and literally nobody was prepared (did I mention it was announced 1 month ago?). Yes, 1 whole freaking month, and none of us idiots were prepared. She deducted 3 points from each and I personally think we deserve that.

No Sugar Challenge — Day 05

Food-wise again I didn’t have any appetite. I had lunch at 3. It was a rainy day so we made pakory. (If you know, you know 😁) I also had a friend egg and sausage as we were cooking them (got hungry and couldn’t wait 😅)

Around 9 my brother was eating yums (it’s fruit candy like Skittles) and I took one. Yup, I had my first breakdown. Well, I have been having breakdowns every day for the last 4 days but I was controlling it. But today I couldn’t. It was just one, okay! (It’s okay kiddo *pat my head*)

Now it’s 11:30 pm I’m completing this as I’m eating ramen.





So day 05 accomplished?



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Rabbia Ahmed

Rabbia Ahmed

I'm a CS MPhil student working in NLP. For me this place is for dumping my random thoughts. If you like to add to that I'm looking forward to your comment.