No Sugar Challenge — Day 23

I decided to fast again today.

DAY 23

Woke up at 5 am and for Sahoor(breakfast) I had a Weetabix bar with a glass of milk dates and almonds. Prayed and went back to my assignment.

Worked for 2 hours and went to sleep at 8.

Woke up again at 12 pm and started studying again. Though by now it was almost complete so I binged more youtube videos than I study. It was complete by 4.

Python Assignment

For iftar(opening the fast), I made myself spinach and lentils with bell papers. I made a fried egg and toasted two slices of bread.

Opened my fast with a date and glass of water and enjoyed this beautiful meal. It was so filling and hearty, Alhumdullilah.

Later I ate two oranges. Ended my night with some self-caring (skincare). And now I’m writing this.

Day 23 successfully accomplished, Alhumdulliah.



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Rabbia Ahmed

Rabbia Ahmed

I’m a Freelance Content Writer and MPhil Student. I write on food, health, philosophy (more like my philosophy), and my random thoughts and interests.