No Sugar Challenge— Day 27

Although I wasn’t fasting today, it was nothing different from fasting.

DAY 27

I woke up very late today 11 am to exact. And my class got canceled so I decided to go home since tomorrow(Friday) was already off and then the weekend.

I ate 3 digestive biscuits (no sugar if I might add) and packed my stuff. Left for the bus station and my bus took off at 1 pm. To my surprise (mine and my whole class’s) our teacher decided to take the canceled class. So yeah, I took my class on the road (not gonna lie, it was fun).

The rest of the road trip was petty normal. Me looking outside the window admiring the view with my headphones on.

Got home at 5 pm. My mother made me roti with beef. Good food. God homemade food. Really missed this food. Later my brother got me shawarma, it was also very very yummy.

I binged shorts till 12 and woke in the morning at 10.

Day 27, accomplished.



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