Will I be able to keep up? — Resolutions 2022

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So like every other year my this year was also a trainwreck in terms of me keeping up with my resolutions (relateable?). I’ve accomplished a lot this year (ALHUMDULILLAH) but nothing from the list that I created at the start of 2021. But this year I have a new plan………………..

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Drum roll, please

Just one. This year I’m going to have just one goal. My lazy a** can’t handle more than one. And to keep me on track I’m gonna do it one month at a time. If I accomplish one month I’ll go for the next. (fingers crossed)

Drum roll again, please

Starting tomorrow I’m quitting white sugar + added sugar with exception of ramen. I am NOT quitting fruits and honey.

I tried this in January 2021 as a 30-day challenge and I’m still enjoying the perks I gained through that experience.

  1. Control on my sugar intake.
  2. Control on my processed food intake
  3. Control on snacking on chips and biscuits etc
  4. Health consciousness
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Why just this one?

because this one goal is not something I want (good health and losing weight). This goal is something I need. For my physical health, my mental health, and for my skin. (good enough reason for me)

So this year I’m only keeping this one goal and I’m doing one month at a time with keeping a record of that here on medium. Tho I’m gonna keep my journey public here on medium, I am gonna keep it a secret from my family. Brown family can never support you when it comes to food. We love it way too much 😅 😆

Anyhow, let see how I do. (Writing this as I’m eating every snack left in my pantry with a pizza on the way 😅) Gambetta to myself.

That's all for myself now for you (my readers), set your goals with solid reasoning. Don't shoot blind and just make a list of things you want. Instead, make a list of things you need. Things you need to achieve to live a better life.

(these could be the words you might be used to hearing but I couldn't stop myself from saying *as I take a bite of my this ooey-goey pizza* )



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Rabbia Ahmed

I’m a Freelance Content Writer and MPhil Student. I write on food, health, philosophy (more like my philosophy), and my random thoughts and interests.